Scala Conf with the spirit of the sea

Poland, Gdańsk, 6‑8.09.2018
Workshops (6-7.09.2018) Conference day (8.09.2018)

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Rúnar Bjarnason
An author of "Functional Programming in Scala"

He is co-founder of Unison Computing, an author of a book, Functional Programming in Scala, and an occasional speaker on topics in functional programming.

He received his education in computer programming and electrical engineering at the Reykjavík Technical College in Iceland. In the intervening decades. He has done diverse programming work, including antivirus research, software for agriculture and animal breeding, real estate, IT, finance, and genomics. He has worked with many programming languages including Pascal, C, Java, Haskell, Scala, and Ruby, and made some of his own.

about Scalawave
We want to talk about Scala applied examples, success stories, design patterns and solutions making developer’s life more effective and making our code better.
We want to share community experience and bring Scala functional passionates together.
Awesome location
We would like to offer you a piece of fun and really great summer atmosphere close to the seaside.
We want to build the network of Scala enthusiasts in the area of the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.
We do our best to invite Scala experts. You can take a look on their profiles below.
Hands-on approach
We believe that the best way to improve your skills and share experience is “learning by doing” approach. You will have a chance to participate in really practical workshops and contribute to leading Open Source projects during Scala Spree.

Previous editions

  • Conference by the sea
  • Scala rock stars
  • 180 participants from different countries
  • 1 workshop day
  • 1 conference day
  • 2 networking parties
  • strong community
  • hands-on approach
  • great atmosphere
  • live streaming







Conference day



Scalac Logo

Stary Maneż

Conference Venue

We invite you to the unique and climatic place called STARY MANEŻ, where the past and the future are interwoven together and where the Black Hussars manege was located in the old times.

Today, that’s the most creative and open space in Gdańsk. We believe that it will significantly influence our Scala talks, effectiveness of workshops and networking atmosphere.

Stary Maneż

Sztuka Wyboru

Olivia Business Centre

Scala Wave Team recommend you to stay in

Smart Hotel

Smart Hotel is modern and comfortable place, close to the center & even closer to the conference venue.

It offers you special Scala Wave discount:
210 PLN / night (single or double room) + breakfast (25 PLN)

Discount password: Scala

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